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Aeromart Toulouse


BOMBARDIERLouis BOUCHARD, Manager Procurement Strategy

Once again, the representation, and the international representation on Aeromart Toulouse is amazing. It’s a great opportunity to meet with companies that we don’t know of. I think all those companies in the same place for 2 days really represent an advantage for us. These counting activities are time consuming; it is really hard to identify the companies, to locate them and to understand their capabilities. Having BCI Aerospace organizing this type of events and inviting those companies under one roof for two days is an amazing opportunity.


SAFRAN - Xavier DESSEMOND, Vice President Purchasing

Aeromart is, for SAFRAN, an opportunity to pass messages to the supply chain all over the world and each time to put the emphasis of some specific messages depending on the region. At the same time it’s a fantastic opportunity for my buyers to have systematic communication with all the actors of the local supply chain.


TAIHalil ATILLA, Chief Subcontracting Aircraft Group

To have companies like SAFRAN, AIRBUS, BOEING and AVIC, OEMs under the same roof and conferences is not an easy job to do. And I believe this is one good flavor of all events; with all those companies here. It’s good to be in such an international event and be part of it.


LATECOERE SERVICESMichel CANNES, VP Purchasing and Supply Chain

Aeromart Toulouse is an absolutely essential event for us. All of the major aeronautic players around world are here.... As a Buyer I have a program schedule where I meet with my regular suppliers and it is also an opportunity to meet our international suppliers as well as to meet with new contacts.


HONEYWELL - Jean-Simon ALLARD, EMEA Strategic Sourcing Manager

For us Aeromart is scheduled two years in advance. We can meet current and potential suppliers to work with us in the future. Aerospace is a very dynamic environment, so here in one location and two days you have a chance to meet the key players and potential new technologies that will pop up and help you succeed in the future.

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