• Come and meet the following OEMs:

    aeroliaalenia aermacchiGroupe LatecoereHéroux devtech
  • Come and meet the following OEMs:

    L3Pratt and Whitney Canada
  • Come and meet the following delegations:

    Sonoraqueretarosecretaria desarrollo economico Jaliscobienestar
  • Come and meet the following delegations:

    Export QuebecCanadian embassyAHK

What is Aerospace Meetings Guadalajara?

Aerospace Meetings Guadalajara has succeeded to establish itself as the most prominent aerospace event in Mexico in just 3 bi-annual editions.

Aerospace Meetings Guadalajara is proudly and officially endorsed by Prime OEMs operating a significant number of production facilities across the country:


All our industrial sponsors are engaged in developing a robust, reliable and skilled supply chain in Mexico to serve their manufacturing tools and operations in the country. Aerospace Meetings Guadalajara is a platform for them to connect with companies offering the right capabilities and services through our matchmaking program.

For suppliers and vendors willing to increase their businesses in Mexico, this is the only venue where they can meet these important Primes without having to travel through the entire continent.

Mexico has been experiencing tremendous growth of its aerospace sector in the past decade. Today the country boasts the presence of international OEMs who contribute to develop a local suppler.

The role Mexico’s Aerospace industry plays in Aircraft Manufacturing

Mexico Main process in aircraft manufacturing

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From the organizers of:

Aerospace Meetings Guadalajara
International Suppliers Forum for the Aerospace Industry in Mexico
October 27 – 29, 2014