• We found ADSS 2012, to be a highly effective way for our Boeing experts to meet with a large number of qualified new suppliers in a short period of time.   It was also a good forum for our key suppliers to find new sources of capability, capacity and innovation.  From our viewpoint it was a successful event for Boeing and our global supply chain.

    Lynne Wenberg 
    Supply Chain Strategy, Boeing Company
  • Washington State was proud to help host the first ever ADSS in Seattle, March 2012.  It was a tremendous success with hundreds of aerospace company leaders in attendance from dozens of global aerospace locations.   The B2B format is extremely efficient for attendees to maximize their use of time and schedule pre-arranged meetings with their highest priorities.  We look forward to help host the next ADSS event in Seattle in March 2014.

    Mark Calhoon 
    Senior Managing Director, Washington State Department of Commerce

    Boeing supply chain and technology management will use this platform to address key issues on manufacturing and supplier management.Other speakers will also provide quality and independent analysis on those topics.

  • It is my pleasure to welcome the international aerospace industry back to Washington State. With more than a century of innovative know-how in aviation and space as well as one of the largest aerospace supply chains in the world, we are honored to join Boeing, BCI Aerospace and our 1,248 suppliers in bringing this premier event to the United States and Washington once again. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle in March 2014.

    Jay Inslee 
    Governor of Washington State

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What is Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit Seattle?


he first of its kind in the United States, Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit Seattle is an opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential industry partners.


Boeing's role in Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit Seattle 2016?

This is an exciting and challenging time to be part of the aerospace industry, and collaboration is key to success. Boeing recognizes that a dynamic and engaged supply chain is vital for us to meet the needs of our customers. The 2016 Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit in Seattle is an excellent opportunity to make new business connections and strenghten existing relationships. Representatives from across The Boeing Company will be in attendance. I hope you are also able to join us.  

Kent Fisher
Vice President & General Manager
Supplier Management
Boeing Commercial Airplanes


The March 2014 edition was of a tremendous magnitude: see all the stats

Our partners and attendees will talk best about the benefits: see testimonials here

Due to a lack of space we had to turn down late registration. Do not wait to secure your participation as soon as you can: sign up


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